The Occasional Cavorting and Musings of a Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thinking About Thinking

Hello my friends.

Metacognition. A great word, is it not? Thinking about thinking.

With the holidays fast approaching, one hardly can think about what it all truly means, especially if you happen to live in the midst of bustling human activity.

As evidenced by the attached photo, dogs claim whatever meditative time is available to them, even though it may be nearly next to impossible to experience a successful session. This goes without saying, right? Whenever we dogs allow our minds to focus on next to almost nothing, there is generally far too much interference from unbridled human thought transference. It's not that we invite it, mind you. It's just that, if you're a dog, it just tends to come at you willy-nilly.

Ah, yes. The two-leggers out there look puzzled. What do I mean by this, you ask?
Well... read on.

The following is an excerpt from a self-professed animal communicator, designed to explain this phenomenon through his personal experience:
“I broke my ankle in five places,” writes the unnamed author at Interspecies Telepathic Communication. “I was lying in bed in a great amount of pain when I heard, ‘I know we come from different cultures, and maybe you don’t think I can help you, but if you just pet me, I will take away your pain.’ I heard these words in my head as clearly as someone speaking to me. I opened my eyes to find my angel cat Kisa on my pillow and looking right at me. I knew it was her. I did pet her and my pain did go away! I slept comfortably for the first time since the accident.” The author goes on to say that animals communicate in pictures, feelings, emotions, and concepts, blah, blah, blah, ad nauseum. Quote: "It's done in pictures," he says.

Hold on, Sweetcakes! Didn't you just claim to HEAR words? The audacity of these humans!

Humans always have to complicate things. It is also no surprise to me that two-leggers always claim the biggest bone for themselves.

Pictures, my rump. Give us some credit, would you? Not only are we dogs expert in analyzing human behaviors, but we are VERY open to genuine childlike wonder in its most authentic and purest form. After all, it was a dog who asked why dogs are not permitted to ride the Greyhound bus. I hate to break it to them, but these humans need to control their own thoughts. If they only learned to channel them properly, they could move mountains,
but..... let's not tell them. They wouldn't get the picture.