The Occasional Cavorting and Musings of a Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Poetry by Kaluah-lu

My Ball

See my ball?
It’s oh, so small
With yellow fuzz
I like it cuzz
It’s my hobby
To make it slobby
Humans swipe it
And try to wipe it


What if I turned like a gloomy cloud overcasting thoughts of me in murky
gray and raindrop blue soaked in sloppy wet kisses?

Bad Cat

A mouse scurried behind the lily
I thought it strange and yet so silly
For cats to terrorize such things
Oh, if only mice were given wings!

Blue as the sky on a bright summer's day
Blue as the day that you went far away.
Blue as the water I drink from the toilet.



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